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<b>Jo Baer's Radikal Figurations</b>

Jo Baer, Facing, Turning (Intro/About), Cleaving (Apart/Together). 1978-79
Oil on canvas. Triptych, each canvas:  213.5 by 152.5 cm. © The Artist

Jo Baer's Radikal Figurations


– Essay

Published in "In Terms of Painting", ed. by Eva Ehninger and Antje Krause-Wahl

"In Terms of Painting" reconsiders the role of painting in the United States between 1965 and 1975. It examines how “painting“ was present and practiced during this defining period of postmodernism: as an embattled parameter in the evolving anti-formalist discourse of the 1970s, as an increasingly defensible form of artistic practice, or by being conceptually integrated into another medium.

The essay "Jo Baer's Radical Figurations" investigates the artist's oeuvre from the 1970s and 1980s with focus on figurative painting.

In English.

Berlin 2016, 224 pages, 80 illustrations, ca. 15 x 23 cm, Softcover, English ISBN 978-3-95763-309-5 {Lieferbar}

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