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© Swimming Pool. Photo: Mihail Novakov



– Swimming Pool, Sofia

Exhibtion in collaboration with I: project space (Beijing), Jenifer Nails (Frankfurt), LambdaLambdaLambda (Pristina), Life Sport (Athens), Linda (Sofia), Opening Times (London), Peach (Rotterdam) and The Green Parrot (Barcelona)

Organised by Viktoria Draganova

Swimming Pool is thrilled to present its second project: us, an exhibition in collaboration with eight art spaces. For one week we will turn the space into an open house of us, which we warmly invite you to share.

us is more an approximation than an entity; a suggestion than a closure; an impulse than a structure. And then, there are these moments of encounter when thoughts meet, togetherness arises and ideas start to grow. We wish to celebrate them with you.

A project on irregularity, hospitality & desire. And also a conversation about what are the art spaces that our society today urgently needs – as these places are actually what “us” consists of.

With the financial support of Sofia Municipality’s Culture Programme, Austrian Embassy Sofia, Sils and Gemeente Rotterdam, as well as with the generous support of all invited art spaces.

More info: web page and facebook