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<b>My Dear Provincialist </b>

My Dear Provincialist


Swimming Pool, Sofia

Curated by Viktoria Draganova

Last year, I loosely messaged few of you, proposing to meet. Soon we sat together – spending a few evenings on the benches in front of Crystal Club, later gathering in Dimitar’s studio in Plovdiv. Fine, let’s do a show, you told me, but all together, as a group. And, we’d call ourselves “Provincialists”.


There is this all-pervading question of belonging, a desire to be part of something greater than oneself. It is an emotional condition, longing. One belongs to a family, group of people, religion. One can also belong to a region or nation. In the case of Bulgaria, this happens to be a distressing thing. There is a general absence of a sense of community, which is grounded in both a troubled relationship with history as well as the impossibility of imagining a joint future. The lack of a functioning democracy is only one of its consequences ...

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Image: Installation view "My Dear Provincialist". Photo: Yana Lozeva