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<b>Considered Living </b>

© Swimming Pool. Photo: Olga Pedan

Considered Living


– Swimming Pool, Sofia

Exhibtion with Jack Brennan, Charlie Froud and Olga Pedan Curated by Viktoria Draganova

Things. Nice Things. Decorations. Trinkets. Tchotchki. What is it about objects?

When a commercial object, a new product, is brought into existence, we have today a particular mode of generating the surrounding mediation. An excessive whirling of activity starts up investing the object with overflowing meaning, without which the thing remains inert. ‘The stone in the road is a thing, as is the clod in the field,’ but today’s design object has to well up beyond this. It must be a thing beyond a thing ...

“Considered Living” is a collaborative project between Jack Brennan, Charlie Froud and Olga Pedan. Exhibition text written by Jack Brennan.

With the financial support of IASPSIS.

More info: web page, facebook, and exhibition video