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<b>Pure Breaths - Bianca Baldi </b>

Pure Breaths - Bianca Baldi


Swimming Pool, Sofia

Curated by Viktoria Draganova

B.B. Inspiration is drawing air into the lungs.

A.C. The chest is regarded by the Greeks as a receptacle of sense impressions and a vehicle for each of the five senses.

C.B. A breathes B to C.

B.B. Removed from the body and set in lead letters on a page. Print changed the habits of thought.

C.B. All errors read aloud.*

Breath inhabits the body. Through breathing, imaginary beings and spirits followed by images, words and ideas move in and out of the body. These can give life, but can also lead to demonic possessions ...

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*A B C’onspiracy is a fictional dialogue between Bianca Baldi, Clare Butcher and Anne Carson.

Image: Bianca Baldi & Swimming Pool. Photo: Yana Lozeva