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SWIMMING POOL / BALCONIA from bureau artrecord on Vimeo.

© Swimming Pool. Photo: Mihail Novakov



– Swimming Pool, Sofia

Inaugural Exhibition with Stefania Batoeva, Yves Scherer and Emanuel Röhss

Curated by Viktoria Draganova

In April, the air is crystal clear, the sky – light and blue. Rain gushes on the streets. People are getting busy. Stars are still hinting at other universes. The TV is running in the back of the apartment. Some surreal soap is on, then the news. Hot summer is coming.

"Balconia" is the inaugural exhibition of SWIMMING POOL with Stefania Batoeva, Yves Scherer and Emanuel Röhss. For this first show the artists traverse the real to denote new possibilities. “Balconia” refers to a vacation spent at home. It means travelling slow, travelling inwards, not swapping geographies but re-defining one’s perspective of the world from one’s own balcony. It is a desire to transform that does not lead to consumerism but envisions new realities.

More info: web page and exhibition video